MyNorthwest: Is the most popular blog site

Although it wasn’t as significant as 2020, 2021 was still a major topic to be discussed. We were able to get insight from commentators and personalities on KIRO Radio and KTTH and MyNorthwest about topics such as homelessness and eviction moratoriums, the state of downtown Seattle, and the minimum wage.

1. Seattle mom says Green Lake bathrooms can be used only by the homeless

Dori Monson was told by a Seattle mom that she was prevented from using Green Lake’s public toilets because they are reserved for northstar behavioral health homeless people. Kristen, her 18-month old daughter, was playing in the park when she decided to go to the bathroom. However, they were closed off by tape.

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2. Jason Rantz: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funds’maths are racist’ lunacy

Jason Rantz reported that Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has been funding activists who believe math to be racist. A six-part toolkit has been created by fringe educators from MyNorthwest that offers an integrated approach to the development of an anti-racist mathematics practice.

3. Seattle estate sale: Mystery photo album found

Feliks Banel discovered that a Seattle man had bought an old photo album at an estate sale in Queen Anne Hill a few years back and stored it on one of his shelves. Local historians are thrilled about the rare images found inside.

4. Washington property manager: Many are selling because of the eviction moratorium

The Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan decided to extend iowa western football the eviction moratorium until June 30, 2021. With the statewide moratorium also extended, landlords were even more concerned.

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5. Seattle Homelessness: Why MyNorthwest spending seems to be increasing

The perception that Seattle spends a lot of money on homeless people and that the needle is not moving has been around for a long time. Is there a valid public concern about how the spending compares to the results?

6. Business owner: Homelessness and crime in downtown Seattle have ‘never been so bad’

After KIRO Radio’s Gee Show and Ursula show shared westwood cycling their stories about Seattle’s homelessness crisis, they were able to hear from a local businessman who stated that “it’s never been worse”.

7. Seattle father claims his local park is “completely MyNorthwest encased in encampments”

Others spoke out about similar problems in Seattle after hearing about the Ballard homeless encampments, which occupied fields and prevented Little League teams from playing. Erick, a listener, shared his story with DoriMonson

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8. John Curley orders a Sondheim-inspired song to be performed at Tom Tangney’s last show

Dec. 1 marked the end of the long-running partnership behind Tom & Curley Show and Tom Tangney’s last MyNorthwest radio show at KIRO Radio.