Entertainment Sleepover Games for the Best Ever Slumber Party

Are you planning a sleepover with your child? You don’t have to be convinced that your child will actually go to sleep. So, get ready with this essential list of sleepover games! There are games for kids as well as kids birthday scavenger hunt as well as quizzes designed for adults. We also offer special items for celebrations of the season like Halloween, Christmas and Easter. Grapevine provides ready-made items which can be used in celebrations and events. There is everything you require from murder mysteries to pub quizzes, as well as amazing themed treasure hunts that are perfect for children.


Sardines are the opposite of hide-and-seek. One player hides, while the others count to 100. Then everyone searches for the hiding person.

When someone finds the hidden person they silently join them in hiding until everyone is inside the hiding place.

Hide and Seek in Darkness

All lights must be turned off. One player is “It”, and the other players are hidden. The “It” person must find the other players without using any lights.


The classic Twister game is still very popular. It was played on a large, plastic mat that had rows of green, yellow, and blue circles.

The spinner attaches to a square board and determines where each player must place their foot or hand. However, due to the scarcity in coloured circles, players may be forced to make difficult or dangerous decisions. The spinner attached to a square board determines where each player has to place their hand or foot. However, due the scarcity of coloured circles, players will often be forced into unusual and precarious positions (and sometimes hilarious!) that eventually lead to someone falling. When a person falls or their elbow or knee touches a mat, they are eliminated.


MASH stands to represent “Mansion, Apartment, Shack and Home” and it is a game that predicts your future. Which house will you have? Who are you going with? What car are you driving?

Treasure Hunt in the Dark

Distribute glow sticks and each player takes turns to hide five glow sticks for the other players.

Crepe Paper Maze

A Mission Impossible-style spy mission is a great way to entertain your kids.

Use a roll crepe paper to create a maze in your hallway. Secure it with tape by crisscrossing the hallway or room.

The goal is to have the children navigate the maze in a sequential order and reach the other end of the paper without ripping the paper. Brassy Apple provides clear instructions.

Play a card game

What about a game Spoons? This card game can be played by 4-10 people. A few decks of cards are all you need. Learn the Rules for Spoons.