The Best “Dog in Italian” Breeds Dog

All dog breeds have their roots all over the globe. Many breeds can be traced back to Italy. There are many dog in italianĀ  breeds. They include companion dogs, hunting dogs and guard dogs. There are many variations in their size, appearance and temperament. Some dogs are more suited to a quiet lifestyle, while others prefer activity and freedom.

Some dog in italian breeds are quite large, while others are small. Dogs of any size require special care, including in the areas of training, diet and health. Before you bring a dog home, make sure you are familiar with the details of the breed.

Bergamasco Sheepdog dog in italian

The Bergamasco sheepdog was originally used to protect livestock in mountainous alpine territories near Bergamo, Northern Italy. Its unique coat protected it from freezing temperatures. Because of its long Evil Dog eyelashes, the dog was able to keep snow from entering its eyes. Bergamascos have become a rare breed. They are affectionate, loving and loyal family dogs. They are intelligent and active and can be very affectionate and loving family dogs. Therefore, they will need to be exercised and trained regularly.


Modern-day Bolognese can trace its roots back to 11th century Italy, in the Bologna region. These dogs were loved by the nobility at the time. Over the years, the breed was almost extinct. However, an dog in italian breeder in 1980 saved them from extinction. They are calm, affectionate, and friendly.

Bracco dog in Italian

The Bracco dog in italian is considered to be one the oldest European pointing breeds, its roots dating back to the Northern Italian 4th or 5th centuries BCE. They almost went extinct in 18th-century Europe, but breed enthusiasts saved them. These dogs are athletic, intelligent, and highly motivated. They are calm and loving if they have enough stimulation and exercise.

Cane Corso

The mastiff-type cane corso, a large, muscular dog of the mastiff breed, has been around for hundreds years in Italy. These dogs were originally developed to guard livestock, but they are also useful for hunting big game and herding. They are loyal and affectionate, and they have a reputation for being gentle and loving with their families. Their size and strength means they require a home that allows them to exercise and train.

Greyhounds of Italy

Dog in italics that resemble the modern-day Italian greyhound are thought to have originated in the Mediterranean, where they were found around Turkey and Greece. They rose to prominence in Renaissance Italy. They are affectionate, playful, and easygoing. They are energetic and love to go for walks but don’t require as much exercise as other breeds.