Boundless Technology was established in 2016 and its primary focus is to spread awareness about aromatherapy. They are passionate about developing innovative technology to provide a high-quality aromatherapy experience.

Boundless frequently asks vaping enthusiasts about their personal preferences. To gather information, they use live streams and forums. In live streams, they answer customers’ questions and show new products. This information is used to create unique products by the company.

This post will describe all Boundless products and answer any questions customers may have about Boundless vapers.


Boundless Technology has a variety of vape pens that can be used with dry herb, wax and oil. Vaping is becoming more and more popular. There are Building Construction Technology still many products that can be used. Boundless is passionate about creating new products based on customer requirements.

Vape brands must keep up with current trends. Boundless uses customer curiosity to develop new products. The TERA, Terp, and CF Hybrid are their most popular classic and hybrid vapes.


Boundless offers the Tera Vaporizer at luxury prices for luxurious features. This product can be used to smoke dry herbs. Boundless Tera Vaporizer has two rechargeable batteries and can be charged via a USB. For a perfect 500 degree pre-heat, click the power button three more times. The stainless steel heating chamber heats herbs evenly at the ideal temperature.


Boundless CFC vaporizer 2.0 can also be used for smoking dry herb. The compact design allows for easy transportation, while the bumps and grooves on the sides make it easy to grip. This product is designed to deliver smooth hits with low-temp airflow. The ceramic bowl can hold up to half a gram dry herb. You will also enjoy zero burns thanks to the heat-resistant mouthpiece, and the quick heating chamber.


Boundless Technology’s CF Hybrid allows vapers to use dry herb, wax, or oil. This product is a 2-in-1. The conductive chamber is able to allow any type of smoking and gives vaping enthusiasts full control over hit levels. You don’t have to worry about temperature. With just a few clicks, the power button can change the temperature.


The Terp pen is a combination of quality and affordable pricing. Although the product has limited options, enthusiasts love its compact design and ease of transport. The Terp pen can only be used for oil and the magnetic cap protects against leaks. You can get instant heat-up with the push of one button and a smooth hit every single time. The automatic shut-off will kick in after you have used the Terp pen for 10 seconds.