Building Construction Technology: Is Redefining

What does a pickup truck have in common with a mobile circular saw, a cement mixer, a cement mixer truck and a modern hydraulic excavator? They are all common tools and equipment that can be found on construction sites today. They are also pieces of building construction technology  that weren’t available 100 years ago.

Imagine the jobsite without modern building technology. We’d still be using hand tools to cut boards and drill holes. Laborers would dig trenches with pickaxes and shovels without heavy equipment. Buildings would be only a few stories high without an elevator.

What is Building Construction Technology?

According to the Construction Industry Institute, building construction technology is “the combination of innovative tools, machinery and modifications, as well as software.” It is used in the construction phase of a project to enable advancements in field construction methods, such as semi-automated or automated construction equipment.

You can go one step further by DuBois Business College including preconstruction technology in online bid boards, bid management applications, and digital takeoff options.

New technologies are being created in construction at an incredible rate today. The future technology of 20 years ago, such as connected equipment and tools and mobile apps, autonomous heavy machinery, drones, robots and augmented and virtual realities, is now being used on job sites all over the globe.


McKinsey & Company research shows that construction productivity has remained stable for decades. Construction is disjointed and isolated by the traditional design-bid-build method. Each construction site presents its own set of risks and challenges. It is difficult to improve productivity and streamline processes in construction, as industries such as manufacturing and retail have done.

Mobile apps & Software

Software and mobile solutions are available today to manage all aspects of a construction project. There are software solutions that can help you streamline your workflow and increase productivity, including preconstruction, scheduling, field reporting, project management, and back office management. Cloud-based software solutions allow for instant updates and changes to documents, schedules, or other management tools, which facilitates better communication and collaboration.

Building Construction Technology Offsite Construction

On projects that have repetitive floorplans or layouts (e.g., apartments, hotels, hospitals), dormitories, prisons and schools), offsite construction is often used. It is done in a controlled environment similar to an automotive manufacturing plant. Workers have the necessary tools and materials at each station to complete their tasks, be it constructing a wall frame, or wiring up electrical wires. This assembly  plant construction method reduces waste and makes workers more productive.