Five ways to make your team thrive at work

What does it really mean to be a successful team? A happy team will communicate effectively, draw on previous experiences, and find new ways to achieve even greater results. They will take responsibility for each other’s actions and hold them accountable. This results in outstanding work and a growing business.

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It takes hard work to ensure your team thrives. Both time and money are required to ensure your team thrives. Both have a negative impact on your bottom line and drain you of precious energy resources.

Before I present five simple ways to help your employees thrive at work, I believe it is right to explain why business owners should strive for “thriving” instead of “working hard”.

Why is it important for your team to succeed?

Colleagues who thrive at work are more willing to contribute to the day-to-day tasks and produce more innovative and creative work. This will make your company more successful. If you want your company to succeed long-term, it is obvious that your team must thrive. This area can help you improve your business’s performance.

There are many ways to help your team reach its full potential. We have compiled five easy steps to bring out the best from your staff.

  • Make a vision

Your company’s vision should be shared with your team. Ask your team to help you create that vision. Your team needs something to strive for and something they can believe in. Providing a vision of the future to your team can help them feel like they are aiming towards something.

Warning: This vision does not simply “make our shareholders lots and money”.

Vision must be about how the company will impact society and its employees positively. These are just a few examples of brands you may recognize:

Google – “To give you access to all the information on the planet in one click”

“To make a better daily life for many” (Ikea).

“To move quickly to drive profitable growth, and become an even greater McDonald’s serving delicious food every day around the globe” (McDonalds).

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“Our vision of commerce is one that is enabled and powered by technology and open to all” (Ebay).

It is easy to see how companies’ visions influence their business decisions. Ikea’s vision, for example, explains why its products are affordable to so many people – they want “many people” benefit from their designs. This vision was the inspiration for the iconic flatpack “do it yourself” product. This vision guides all their decisions.

A professional business development company will be able guide you in creating a vision that inspires your colleagues. This service is also offered by some branding agencies, so it’s worth looking around.

  • Thank you for your support.

Everybody loves being thanked for their work. It’s a natural human desire to feel proud of one’s efforts. It’s even more satisfying when others acknowledge your efforts.

It is well-known that happy hormones flood the brain when we are given a reward, even a thank-you. Dopamine and serotonin create the feeling of pleasure. It’s like a natural high that encourages you repeat the same behaviors in order to get another hit.

Research has also shown that gratitude can be used to bond a group. It creates a culture of gratitude and helps people flourish.

Your team will feel better if you say “thanks” and work together more effectively.

A digital reward and recognition platform is a great way to show appreciation to your team. You can publicly recognize the hard work of those who aren’t physically present. You can also reward great people with a reward

To increase dopamine levels, you can work such as finishing early on Fridays or giving away a gift certificate.

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  • Identify the obstacles in your office

Your team may not be thriving for many reasons. Your team will struggle if they are managed poorly.

It is important to gather information from your team regarding the frustrations they experience on a daily basis. Some of these problems could be solved in a very simple way.

We’ve already spoken extensively about the positive impact that employee questionnaires have on identifying problems in your team. You might be amazed at the insights your team can provide.

  • Your team is ready

It shouldn’t surprise you to learn that staff are only human. While most people have a sense that professionalism is a good thing and can disconnect from their daily lives when they are at work, it is not possible to compartmentalize so much.

If there are difficulties at home, employees cannot thrive at work. It is important to provide tools that enable your team to deal with life’s challenges ahead of time. Your employees will be able to use financial education programs and wellbeing webinars to help them deal with financial problems and mental health issues. These benefits are available online for your employees whenever they need support.

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  • Don’t micromanage

Micromanagement refers to a style of leadership that is extremely controlling. Your staff’s actions are closely monitored and controlled. Your staff is told what to do and when. There is no room for creativity or personal preference.

While there are situations where a strong, authoritarian leadership style can be beneficial for staff (for instance, if they are just starting out) micromanagement can have a devastating effect on staff.