How to use Microsoft Lists on a Mac as a progressive web application

Microsoft Lists is gaining popularity. Now you can use the macOS desktop to run the tracking app and coordination app. Here’s how.

Microsoft Lists’ simple interface and powerful collaboration capabilities make it a popular choice for anyone who needs to create a workflow and share checklists. The app can be integrated with Power Automate so that teams can extend Lists’ functionality across all members, regardless of their location.

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Microsoft 365 enterprise and business subscriptions include the ability to create, share, and edit lists via the web-based interface. A new progressive web app version for Mac users allows you to work with lists directly from your Mac desktops. For tracking and organizing information, and for coordinating lists with colleagues, standalone versions of the iPhone and iPad are now available.

Log in to Microsoft 365 and click the App Launcher icon at the top-left. Next, select Lists. The Install Microsoft Lists window will open. Microsoft Lists for Mac is a progressive Web application. This means that data and operations are delivered via the Web using a standard web technology such as HTML. PWAs can be used to create, edit, and store files on your Mac.

Microsoft’s Lists implementation required that the Mac has an active Internet connection at the time this was written. This is because there was no Work Offline option available via the Lists PWA for my Mac.

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Microsoft Lists is part of Microsoft 365 services and can be used in conjunction with many other Microsoft solutions. Lists can be used with Power Apps and Power Automate as well as Teams.

A corresponding icon is created in Mac Launchpad when the Microsoft Lists PWA has been installed on a Mac. A standalone app entry cannot be added to the macOS Applications directory. To open Lists locally on Mac users will need to use the Launchpad icon (or the App Launcher) from within their compatible browser such as Microsoft Edge. Once installed, you can click the +New List button at the top of the Lists window. After clicking the +New List button on Lists, the Create a List window opens. From there, you can create a blank list, a list using an Excel file, or a list using an existing List file. You can also create a new List using one of the many pre-prepared templates

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After creating a new entry Lists will prompt to input a name for the new list. An optional description can be added to help you locate specific files. Once file collections start growing, it is possible to choose from several colors and icons when creating new lists. This helps you distinguish files by category. You might choose different icons to represent different purposes and sort files according to their color.

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Clicking the Create button creates a new file and saves it to the specified location. It is simple to share the list with others: Click the Share button, and then enter the names of those you wish to collaborate with.