Top 5 Things to do in Dublin for Avid Tourist

Dublin the jewel of Ireland is buzzing with awesome places. The magnificent Dublin is famous for a lot of things from Guinness to National Botanic Gardens and lots more.  Dublin is packed with beautiful Irish culture, amazing architecture, great history and friendly people. Dublin is cut into two by River Liffey. The literature is embedded in the soul of Dublin. The city was given the name of “City of Literature” by UNESCO in 2010. There is the exciting spirit in the Dublin daily life that enhances the experience of avid traveler. Dublin is named as the 34th best city worldwide to live in. This article will take you on a mesmeric journey across Dublin and list out the top 6 things to do in Dublin.

  1. National Museum of Ireland: The museum celebrates the important Irish Celtic culture and treasures from the glorious Celtic age before the Anglo-Norman invasion of 1170. It also features old jewelry and war trumpets with a vibrant Viking exhibition.
  2. Dublin Castle: In the heart of Dublin is towering Dublin castle built in the 13th century. The Irish history is portrayed through the Dublin castle. Dublin castle was used for centuries as headquarters of various governments in Ireland. It is part of major government complex and is epic center featuring historic past of Dublin.
  3. Kilmainham Gaol: It was Dublin’s famous prison now turned into a museum. The visit to Kilmainham takes tourist back in history. The jail used to hold prisoners from the campaign of Irish independence. The history of Irish nationalism and magnificent paintings, jewelry and sculptures can be viewed at Kilmainham Gaol.
  4. A Visit to Guinness Store House: The world famous dark beer is made here and taste buds of tourists will be charged up. A seven-story building featuring the fermentation plant and whole process of brewing beer is captivating. The skills to prepare the one of the best beer in the world are passed on from generation to generation. The top gives an enthralling view of Dublin city.
  5. A Visit to Trinity College: The oldest university in Ireland is a popular tourist attraction in Dublin. The campus is mesmerizing with great architecture and it is quite photogenic. It features the famous 9th century manuscript in the form of books of Kells, Durrow, and Armagh. The treasures are displayed in a long room built in the 18th century. The literary exhibitions are held regularly. The 18th and 19th-century buildings along with beautiful green lawns are a soothing place to enjoy the beauty of Dublin.