How can you improve the production of IGF-1??

Human growth hormone is produced in the pituitary gland in the brain. This hormone is responsible for the overall wellbeing and development of an individual. The deficiency of this hormone leads to numerous problems, but now one can get saved of these problems by taking HGH supplements. IGF-1  is an insulin like growth factor hormone. Knowing about it in detail keeps to you well informed when it comes to fitness and well being.

It has been seen that whenever a doctor starts treatment of any problem, then he recommends an individual to make a change in the diet, lifestyle and nutrition. The production and synthesis of this hormone is triggered by the growth hormone. The IGF-1 is described as a foundation for the synthesis of protein. The IGF-1 has the ability to enhance an anabolic environment, retains nitrogen. Also it helps to improve production of protein. It has become a powerful choice for the bodybuilders, as it helps in growth of muscles. In order to make improvement in the production of muscles, there is a requirement of essential amino and non-amino acids.

There is an additional component in proteins, i.e. nitrogen. For required muscle growth, a positive nitrogen balance is important. This hormone is also responsible for several other functions of the endocrine glands as well as metabolic processes. IT has the ability to repair cartilage tissues, promote the development of collagen. This factor is most commonly used by the body builders because of its potential to recover the injury of ligaments, tendons from stress or exertion at a faster pace.

The IGF-1 also has the potential to improve the production of neurons in the brain of an individual. Most of the times, the doctors prescribe the growth hormone therapy to the individuals and its injections are a bit expensive. SO, the individuals go for the underground suppliers, in order to get injections with an ease. The increasing use of injections can cause adverse effects and is risky.

Natural production of the IGF-1:

The IGF-1 is a drug that can only be taken on prescription. It is expensive and is illegal to be consumed, purchased or sold. The adequate amount of the IGF-1 is based on age and is a hazardous intention. If one wants to collect information and do some research on his own, then he is recommended to talk to a doctor, dietician or nutritionist.

One can improve the production of IGF-1 with intake of animal meats and dairy products. Another way to increase the level of the IGF-1 is to make of use of nutritional supplements like deer antler velvet. Also, there are enzymes, minerals, amino acids and vitamins that contribute to the health of an individual as well as to the production of IGF-1 in the liver. This drug cannot be used by athletes as a tool to enhance their performance. This has been banned by the US anti-doping agency as well as by the world Anti-Doping agency. So, one must check the rules and regulations of a sporting organization, when it comes to a competition or event.