Puyo Puyo RPG Kinako: Characters, and Much More

Video games can be more than just entertainment. They create memories. Our childhood video games instantly transport us back to those days. Many 90s children will agree that video games such as Puyo Puyo RPG Kinako, also known previously as Puyo Pop out of Japan, are a great example. This was before battle royale games existed. Players used to play video games on Sega’s Genesis and Nintendo’s SNES, before there was a PlayStation or Xbox.

Puyo Puyo RPG Kinako Guide

Simple tile-matching games such as Tetris were extremely popular in those days. In 1991, however, a videogame was released. Although it was based on title matching, it was entirely different because there weren’t any titles to match. This video game, which was also called Puyo Puyo Japan, featured characters instead of titles.

Puyo Puyo was also known outside of Japan as Puyo Pop. The game’s unique idea of using cute, round characters instead of tiles made Kia Telluride for Sale it wildly popular immediately after its release. This guide will only be about Puyo Puyo RPG Kinako. Let’s get started.

Puyo Puyo RPG Kinako

The first Puyo Puyo RPG Kinako game was released in 1991 on gaming consoles such as the Microsoft MSX2 and Nintendo’s Famicom Disk System. Compile was responsible for the development of this first game. Compile adopted Puyo Puyo characters from Mado Monogatari 1-2-3, a Role Playing Game. It was released in 1990. This game was also created by Compile, but Puyo Puyo became a more popular choice. Tokuma Shoten published the second release after the first. This was a Pack-in release for Tokuma Shoten’s Famimaga Magazine.

In 1995, Nintendo released Kirby’s Avalanche, also known as Kirby’s Ghost Trap (in Europe), which was actually a modified Super Puyo Puyo. Spectrum HoloByte released a Puyo Puyo title in August 1995 under the name Qwirks, for platforms such as Apple’s Mac or Microsoft Windows 3.1.

Although the game originated in Japan, it has become wildly popular around the world from North America to Europe.

Puyo Puyo Ttris Characters

Puyo Puyo Role Playing Game Kinako has many characters. However, this article will focus on the Puyo Puyo Ttris Characters. This section will be longer due to the many characters in the game. All characters have been arranged alphabetically. We have provided a brief introduction to each character and its background. It is very informative and will interest you if you are.

Before I begin the list, let me make it clear that these characters are not NCPs but playable characters. They would be too many, and the list would become longer.