Planning Off-Site Corporate Training Sessions

There are many reasons why you would want to run an off-site training session for your senior management team. Because of the nature of their work, it is sometimes hard to get their complete and undivided attention on site. What usually happens is they get pulled into impromptu meetings, are called out to handle emergencies and generally tend to have one foot out of the training session.

To overcome this, it is necessary to physically move them away from the workplace to a secluded space without distractions. The fact that you have to move them in turn creates all manner of logistical and planning challenges. These suggestions below will help make this task a little easier on you.

Outsource Transportation Logistics

You have enough to worry about without having to sweat transportation.  Depending on the numbers to want to move, you might find it easier to simply contract an experienced executive coach hire company to move your executives around. Apart from easing your transportation headaches, this option will also ensure that your whole team arrives and leaves at exactly the same time. You will find this attribute very useful when scheduling training sessions for the team, as there is almost no chance of some staff members being late.

The trick here will be to find a company that is experienced in executive transportation and is able to deliver what you want seamlessly. Look around the market  for this ability to deliver, coupled with researching on thebest luxury coach hire prices out there.

Get The Venue Right

Along with transportation, your venue will determine the quality of the training session. This is so important a factor that it is worth paying a visit prior to the training session. Such a visit will help you understand the quality of the facilities as well as get to help you plan for what materials to carry along with you.

For example, some training venues will offer audio-visual equipment while some won’t. If a third party is doing the training, then it is important that they also visit the venue prior to the training session so as to also understand what they will be working with.

If your team is expected to stay overnight, then it would also help to inspect their food and accommodation facilities to ensure that it is of the required standard. Remember that in many cases, the photos that you see on brochures and websites may not be exact reproductions of the facilities.

Prepare The Trainees

With venue and transportation sorted, you need to then prepare your team for the sessions ahead. If you require them to do some assignment prior to the training session, ensure that you give them enough time to do it. It is also important to provide them with a breakdown of what they are going to be trained on and how long it will be so that they can clear their schedules and make the time for the training session.

Off-site training sessions for your executive team need not be a headache. With proper planning and some foresight, you can take away the hassle associated with these kind of trainings.