Planning a Second Career – Tips To Make It Happen!

Planning a second career-tips and ideas to help you make it happen.

Planning a second career is happening more and more often. The question is-how are you going to make it happen? A meaningful second career does not normally happen by accident.

It requires planning for a second career so the results match your interests, abilities and passion. And like in any journey you have a map, which you draw, that tells you your current location and your final destination.

Career planning is not like making a trip west from Kansas City to Denver with a GPS and a detailed road map. Rather it’s much like making the trip in 1870. You have a general idea that Denver is west of Kansas City but you could end up in Texas, California, and Montana or back in Kansas City depending on what you learn along the trail.

So it is in planning a second career, what might look so promising, after research, and taking to others working in the career you may decide to move in another direction. This is how the career discovery process should unfold. For every door that is closed you learn something and get closer to finding the best second career for you.

Here are some tips getting you started planning your second career:

1. Get Prepared: Learn all you can about the proposed career. Talk to others working in the career. Learn possible income levels and the overall career path. If becoming self-employed what do you need to learn about the business? Preparation and knowledge will guide you to the right decision.

2. Connections: Work you network. Get involved in activities that will add to your network. Volunteer your time helping others. Tell your network your plans-ask for their help.

3. Add to your required education and skills:Search out and attend relevant workshops and seminars. Self-study can help you fill gaps in you required qualification in your proposed second career.
Use the internet to source other desired education.

4. Discover where the jobs are: Learn the location of the proposed jobs. Study the industry and the future prospects. Read relevant newsletters. Study websites and levels of competition.

5. Finances are important: What are the income prospects of the second career or self-employment. How does it match your current expenses and income? Make plans to close the income gap or reduce expenses. Are you being realistic, rosy predictions will not get you to your planned destination.

6. Age should not be a barrier: Friends and family will try to throw cold water on your plans. Listen to them but listen to yourself even more. If your dreams of your second career are carefully researched, you work on your necessary qualifications and skills, your age should not be a barrier in realizing your career dreams.

As you travel in your career planning journey it’s important to take action in your career plan every day. The desired result will be the total of your daily efforts. Over time your second career will not be the result of chance or coincidence but the building of your qualifications and skills to qualify for the desired second career.

Are you ready today to start on your journey toward your second career?