Are Free Career Services a Good Investment?

New Career Search Needs More Than Free Services

Finding a new career is not an easy task. A major mistake can be made by not realizing how much money will be lost if the task is not approached professionally. Along with the loss of money is a loss of self-esteem, loss of control, loss of identity, loss of independence. This often leads to anger and depression. Hoping to help the situation, many schools, public interest groups, companies that are downsizing, governments, and government retirement guidance officials offer free career and employment services. At first glance it would seem that a person seeking employment would be wise to invest their hopes in these free services. Another option is to place your career in the hands of a recruitment firm. We believe that, unfortunately, using any of the above approaches is not the preferred investment strategy; here’s why.

The Hard Facts About Finding a New Career at Free Agencies

  • Being unemployed, the salary lost can net at least $3,000 per month for professional people. Do the agencies assess the cost of the individual being unemployed? Is there a sense of urgency?
  • Recruitment agencies have thousands of applicants on file. The numbers are very similar for most other ‘free’ agencies because their success depends on a shotgun approach. The more resumes they have the greater chance they have of filling a position. The less chance you have of finding a position.
  • The average time to gain employment with these agencies is not a statistic that will be readily shared with you. Yet it is of primary interest, especially since it is costing you $3,000/mo. to remain unemployed.
  • Ask the service provider if the jobs obtained by the successful candidates were satisfying career positions. Chances are, they do not maintain these statistics either. Yet, since we are talking about your career, it is very important that you know.
  • It is unlikely that these service providers have statistics about whether their successful candidates are earning more than they expected. Salary is a very personal and emotional matter. Most candidates need assistance to get the best possible income package.
  • Once the assisting agency has landed you the job many think their work is done. There is no follow-up support during the important work adjustment period or if difficulties at work arise.

A Different Approach to Using Free Career Service Agencies

While we can’t speak for every career coaching or counseling company, we can give a few examples of our own experience to the seven points above. Having said that, respectful career specialists cannot guarantee a job because there are simply too many variables to control; but coaching firms can refer to their past statistics.

  • Costs of being unemployed can range from $3,000 to $10,000 per month net. The cost of career coaching services at about 1 to 2 month’s lost wages is at the lower end of this range.
  • A second point is that over 90% of career coaching candidates report finding a job faster than with any previous means. There are examples of people spending two years on their own looking and then finding a job within two months using the career coaching methods.
  • An examination of our current files reveals an over 90% success rate.
  • Statistics show that the average time for clients to gain employment with career coaching is 11.2 weeks. Naturally, some people take 2 weeks and others take 22 weeks. A competent career coaching company will share these statistics with you.
  • The business should focus on creating a match between you,your skills and a challenging, self-satisfying opportunity.
  • Career coaching companies exercise techniques that help the candidate earn more money, based on an appreciation of human behavior, a clear understanding of when to act and when not to, all combined with plain common sense. A good career guidance company will negotiate an extra amount, which easily justifies the cost of the coaching service.
  • When you accept a job after working with your career coach you will have spent sufficient one-on-one hours together to form a respectful bond. Sometimes that bond will last a lifetime.
  • Career-coaching companies are paid by the prospective employees. Naturally, you should become the primary interest. While commercial enterprises often approach career coaching companies for talent, a career coaching company should not accept payment from the commercial enterprise – thus, avoiding a conflict of interest. Many gratis placements are made this way.