Make a Smart Career Move – Consider Important Aspects of Career Planning

Making a smart career move from the very beginning of your career is very important to give you the success you are looking for. Understanding your personality type, abilities, and values correctly will guide you towards a career path ideal for you.

Career to Match your Personality

Most of us tend to ignore the relationship between a good career and personality match. The type of personality you are largely defines the chances of your success in career choices you make. For example, a shy and introvert person will never make a good salesperson. He is likely to struggle with poor performance and job dissatisfaction. An effective way to understand the way your career and personality interact is to meet an expert career guidance counselor. He/She will talk to you, analyze your behavior, may also give you some personality assessments, and will help you decide the right career path for you.

Career in the Area of Your Expertise

Opting for a career in your interest area makes it much simpler to excel and increases the chances of your success. If you are good in mathematics, then an accounting related career choice will be ideal or you.An aptitude test can be very helpful in determining your capacity to learn different skills. With a simple aptitude test you can find out the type of skills that you are more likely to learn easily. An aptitude test does not necessarily rely on things you have learned in the past. While your skills are the things you have learned in the past, aptitude access your ability to learn new things. It will help you build a career around your strengths, offer you effective career guidance, and can help you make right career choices.

Career to Match Your Work Values

Matching personal values with career choices is not a very common thing to do. Most of us usually overlook this important aspect of career planning. However, the major reason why people opt for mid-life career changes or are dissatisfied with their current job is because of a mismatch between job realities and their work values. If flexible work schedule, creativity, and freedom to express opinions are your primary goals, you should make career choices that will help you get such a work environment. A value inventory tool can help you think through your work values. However, unlike personality and aptitude test, it is not a formal tool, but can definitely provide career guidance and help you finalizing your needs related to career choices.

We often keep “high income” as our main career goal and more likely to end up in a job that we are not good at or are not satisfied with. Therefore, always assess these important career aspects to find a career path that is best for you.