How to Clean Window Air Conditioners

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How to keep a window air conditioner unit clean

Filters require maintenance, but other tasks can be completed once a year.

Clean the filter

Clean filters ensure that the coil is cooled down by allowing enough air to circulate around it. Have you ever cleaned your filter? It is easy to clean your filter. Just take it out and soak it in warm soapy water. Rinse off any crud. Clean your AC every month if it is on active duty.

Make sure to clean the fins

The window conditioner’s two coil sets are the evaporator coil on the front, which faces the room, and the condenser coil on the back. These coils face outside. The coils have delicate aluminum fins to help transfer heat from the inside of the room to outside. They capture and release heat much more efficiently than the coils.

The fins of the back and front coils can get covered in dirt over time. This can lead to mold growth. Take the unit from the window or wall and clean the fins. Take out the screws from the housing. In a spray bottle, mix some water with a few drops dish detergent (Dawn is an excellent choice). Let the solution sit on the fins front and back for a while before you begin to loosen the dirt using a soft-bristle toothbrush. Move the brush along the fins.

Straighten bent fins

The fins are thin and delicate, but they can efficiently heat as long as they remain in place. If fins touch each other or are bent, it reduces the efficiency of the unit and increases the cost to operate it. The back coil is prone to having bent fins.

A fin comb is a tool that can straighten them. The fin comb is fitted with teeth that match the spacing between your air conditioner’s fins. It can separate multiple fins at once. You can also use an expired credit card to remove one fin.

You can use a comb, a card or a comb to insert the object in a space where the fins are not bent. Then, run the object down the gap until it passes through the bent area. Although it may take several passes to return bent fins to their original positions, it is important that they function properly.

Wipe down the pan and fans

Window AC units are equipped with two fans: one near the evaporator, and the other near the condenser. Each fan can collect dirt and can be cleaned using the same detergent solution as the fins. Clean the fan and any surrounding areas with the detergent solution. Rinse the fan with the hose. The water won’t cause any damage to the electrical components of the unit.

Condensate drips from the coils into the drain pan. Condensate that has accumulated in the drain pan can build up in the house if it is blocked. Make sure to drain out any condensate from the drain pan. Mount the housing and make sure to not touch the fins. Then, tighten the screws.

It can be stored in the off-season

It may seem tempting to keep the AC unit on the windowsill all year, but it will be more durable and last longer if it is removed and stored through the winter. To keep dust out, place the unit in an enclosed space that is dry.

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