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Exposed aggregate concrete may nearly be compared to some section of granite or marble changed by polishing: an ordinary, unremarkable area continues to be stripped away to expose the special beauty laying underneath. When it comes to concrete, that attractiveness is in the shape of decorative combination, both natural and manufactured.

The decorative procedure for exposing aggregate has existed since the early 1900s, prior to design stamping, stenciling, and decorative overlays became trendy. However, this process is not even close to being prepared for retirement. An exposed aggregate driveways finish provides several advantages. And a lot of the current companies have found innovative means to choose uncovered combination to a fresh degree.

What’s Exposed Aggregate and Where can it be Utilized?

An exposed aggregate area is obtained by setting concrete and taking away the outer skin of cement stick to discover cosmetic rough aggregate.

  • Pavements
  • Drives
  • Verandas
  • Pool decks
  • Plazas

An exposed aggregate finish can also be possible on concrete partitions or tilt up sections. Vertical programs include:

  • Decorative retaining walls
  • New building facades


By having an exposed aggregate finish, it is possible to reach stunning results in an acceptable price because few added substances apart from the decorative combination and resources have to. Below are a few additional noteworthy advantage of exposed aggregate coatings:

The fundamental processes are easy enough for seasoned finishers to understand readily.

The area is broken, non-skid, and immune to significant traffic and climate extremes.

Several varieties and dimensions of decorative combination can be found to reach limitless colour and feel versions.

Exposed aggregate is exceptionally flexible and contrasts wonderfully with simple concrete or another decorative remedies like creating, stenciling, discoloration, and built-in coloring.

Little care is needed, besides waterproofing and periodic cleansing.

Exposed aggregate is certainly the many long-lasting end it is possible to do on a drive or patio, he claims. All concrete wears down as time passes to such an end as a result of erosion or high-traffic. Exposed aggregate is more unlikely to get this spalling result as the concrete insert has already been removed, and completed so equally. Exposed aggregate additionally supplies excellent skid resistance because of the tough area. This finish-will last more than placed concrete.

Exposed aggregate can also be an excellent option for clients who need a decorative end at a cost-effective price. The first setup cost is like that of fundamental placed concrete, dependant on colour choice, but open aggregate may outlast additional concrete ends because of the wearability, creating it less expensive in the end, he claims.

In the event that you believe the cosmetic choices with exposed aggregate coatings are restricted, here are a few tips for producing your setups distinctive:

Spread decorative polished glass, rock, or luminescent substance in the concrete to reach a glossy impact.

Integrate a rubber-stamped routine or arty layout in to the concrete by imprinting the layout while the concrete continues to be flexible after which subjecting the aggregate around it after the concrete is tough sufficient to resist washing.

Install light (solar, standard, or fiberoptic) within exposed aggregate driveways, measures, and terraces. Radiant heating methods also have developed in recognition.

Utilize uncovered aggregate as an edge on measures to enhance grip.

Join exposed aggregate with several other colouring methods, for example built-in colour and external spot.