Group Trip to an Adrenaline Haven

Every year our social group tries to organize a trip – normally involving certain activities. Last year we did kayaking, and the year before that we tried rock climbing. When we were starting to plan the trip for this year someone floated the idea of heading to Cornwall for some surfing, while also checking out some of the other activities in the area.

That was initially the plan: To spend most of our time surfing, and maybe check out some of the sights or activities that found interesting. And although the surf was great and everything went smoothly, the highlight of our trip this time round ended up being stumbling across Adrenaline Quarry.

When we first heard about Adrenaline Quarry from one of the locals it seemed like a great idea, and so we decided to make a day of it and head over. Finding the quarry was easy and seeing as we had rented a car we just made our way down the A38 and followed the signs (the brown Kartworld ones) all the way to the quarry.

From what we’d been told this place had the maddest zip line in all of UK, which is what prompted us to check it out. However what we didn’t realize is that it had a host of other activities as well, including a giant swing, unique form of coasteering, and even axe throwing.

Needless to say we jumped in head first (so to speak), and the first thing we tried was the zip line that just so happened to be referred to as The Zip. It was a truly exhilarating experience, and was made all the more exciting by the fact that we could go two-at-a-time on the twin parallel wires. Most of us ended up going more than once.

After The Zip we headed over to the Giant Swing which was (surprisingly enough) a gigantic swing. It offered a thrill of its own, and in some ways was actually a lot scarier than the zip line due to the tension that builds up as you are hoisted far, far above the quarry. None of us expected just how stomach-turning the drop would be, and it really gave us a jolt.

Unfortunately it was the wrong time of the year to go coasteering, but by that point most of us were already pretty tired out from the adrenaline rushes that we’d been through. Before we left we did try a bit of axe throwing, which was an interesting experience – despite being a lot tamer than the zip line or giant swing.

All in all it was a great day out and probably one of the most exciting parts of our trip to Cornwall. As far as adventure activities in Cornwall go it is certainly at the top of our list, and we’ve even been toying with the idea of taking a trip back – maybe after Easter sometime so that we can try coasteering and ‘The Blob’ while we’re there.