Classic Car History: BMW’s 507 Almost Ruined BMW, but Is Now Worth Millions

Meet Munich’s Dream Sports Car

BMW 507 heritage at a nut shell: lots of men and women believe it one of the absolute most amazing car within the marque’s catalogue –also it nearly caused the meltdown of Bavarian Motor operates.

Pre-destined are the economic choice contrary to the exceptionally recognized mercedesbenz 300SL, the BMW 507 roadster created its American debut in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel at nyc at the summertime of 1955. Lauded since the absolute most amazing vehicle on the planet even before it touched that the U.S., the BMW 507 when initial exhibited in Europe immediately became famous as Munich’s aspiration auto.

The BMW 507’s wider historical past: In the advice of New York-based luxurious European vehicle merchant and importer Max Hoffman,” BMW employed industrial programmer Albrecht von Goertz to look a sports-car tailored to American purchasers. Hoffman, additionally accountable for affecting creation of this 300SL Gullwing, pictured a sportscar that are the centre kid between your cheap M G and high priced mercedesbenz gull-wings. Thus, von Goertz made a roadster which could exude spirits and subdue the hearts of anybody who put eyes about it.

BMW 507 History: Ideal Dimensions

A human body made from aluminum and assembled with hands supposed just about each and each single BMW 507 was one of a kind in refined manners; no more 2 models paired eachother altogether. Having a style and layout and style nearly too flawless to become massproduced, the 507’s framework was an abbreviated variant of its huge brother, the 503 grand tourer. BMW paid down the wheel-base into ninety eight inches, and also the 507 experienced entire dimensions of 172.4 inches (span ), 65.0 inches (diameter ), and 49.5 inches (elevation ), which left cornering and parking simple. Even the BMW 507 roadster needed a curb weight of roughly 2,930 lbs.

BMW 507 History: For American Consumption

When there Hoffman knew something about American sport automobile lovers, it absolutely had been which they adored a potent motor. The 507 acquired a 3.2-liter v 8 using one hundred fifty horsepower, mated into your four-speed ZF transmission. Even the overhead valve v 8 has been BMW’s very first v 8 motor engine, also overall performance tuning for its 507 comprised polished combustion chamber surfaces, also a compression ratio of 7.8:1, high-lift camshafts, along with also a upgraded ignition-advance curve.

Most 507s needed a soft shirt, however also for the blessed couple, a optional removable hard top was on 1-1 automobiles and trucks. Assembled from the finest BMW specialists at Bavaria, suspension-wise that the 507 arrived armed with a leading anti-roll pub, dual wishbonesfront and back torsion-bars, also Alfin drum brakes (afterwards on replaced with Girling brakes).

The Price Of Perfection

Of those 252 cases of 507s BMW assembled from 1956-1960, 3 4 components ended up collection I versions; one additional 218 accounted to its sequence II. As a result of its official debut at newyork, full-blown 507 manufacturing began overdue in 1956. With only a batch of 507s sent to the united states, Hoffman estimated BMW would develop 5,500 models each yr, and also then offer them for roughly £ 5,000 per soda up.

But awarded that the highquality substances utilised, along using all the bespoke therapy method for every 507,” Hoffman’s projection when the amount came nearer to £ 10,500, which makes the BMW 507 over-priced and outside of reach for the majority of shoppers.


BMW 507 History: A Popular Roadster Nonetheless

Elvis Presley was impressed with all the BMW 507 roadster which he acquired two duplicates throughout his military responsibility in Germany. The King allegedly talented anyone into his enjoyable in Acapulco (1963) co star Ursula Andress, whose possession lasted 1-5 decades. Other noteworthy 507 Potential Buyers comprised entertainer Fred Astaire, Method One motorists Hans Trapped along with John Surtees, King Constantine II, French actor Alain Delon, along with ultimate F-1 Over-lord Bernie Ecclestone.

The Value Of Failure

Targeted in the sports vehicle marketplace place, the BMW 507 not exactly burnt the business towards the earth as a result of flat-rate production prices that pressured BMW to lose it by the line up in 1960. Five years after, the once-defeated German sports-car assembles everywhere inside the area of $ 1million into the bonkers selling value tag of £ 5,040,500 paid-for a 1957 BMW 507 possessed for sixty years from bicycle along with f 1 world winner Surtees. The latter automobile retains the listing for its priciest BMW actually marketed, and now also you also Can Just envision Hoffman’s confront if needed been living to watch the purchase.