8 Most Viewed Best Anime on Hulu

Hulu is a streaming video service that allows anime fans to stream their favorite shows. Hulu is a great place for our list of top anime, as it was the first streaming video service to sell anime in January 2011.

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Hulu has been the place to go for weekly anime for years. Hulu’s vast library of titles, many of which are dubbed for English-speaking viewers, will ensure that you find something you love. We’re going to show you some of the most popular anime on Hulu as voted by our readers.

Hulu, an online streaming service, offers both free and paid subscriptions to its content library. Although many anime titles have been made available for free by the subscription service, not all titles are accessible to all. We have listed the 20 most popular anime on Hulu for free in 2022.

Animation is growing in popularity every day. The production of movies in this segment is growing. Look no further if you are looking for the best anime app. Hulu is the best anime app available. Hulu is as good or better than Netflix. Hulu offers a wide range of anime series.

A superb series provider is therefore rated the best app in the United States. Hulu also allows you to watch Japanese anime series as soon as they become available. Are you an anime lover? If so, you can do it. You should get access as soon as possible. Both veterans and novices will find it a great source of entertainment. Here is a list with 16 of the most popular anime shows currently on Hulu. Have fun and watch.

Jojo’s Strange Adventure, the first book of the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure series.

Jojo’s bizarre journey is Japan’s most loved and beloved cartoon film. This film is directed and produced by Hirohiko Araki. The Jojo series is gaining popularity in North America. Araki started his career in 1980. The Jojo series focuses on the multi-generational story of the Joestar family.

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Jojo also introduces a new theme to each series. Franchisees love dealing with Jojo. It isn’t boring, repetitive serial that revolves around the same characters and locations. The same motivation is also present. Jojo’s odd voyage will take you to a new area. Each series will have new motives and protagonists. Stardust Crusaders also refers to a chapter within the same series. The most successful stories are also found in chapter 4, Diamond is Unbreakable.

The series is also jam-packed full of fights, stands and action. What characters seem to have the best time? To keep anime viewers interested, magic skills are almost essential. You will be amazed at the action and magic of this Jojo series. Jojo can combine slice-of-life anime and neck-breaking action in this scene. If you’re a beginner, the Jojo series/saga is worth checking out. You can continue to watch the fourth and third chapters for anime lovers.

The Line of the Devil

We have all heard that devils can be very evil. However, the devils of this series aren’t that bad. Vampires are used to protect humanity from the devil’s line. A vampire named Yki anzai is half-human, half-vampire. He likes humans because he’s half-human. This is all thanks to Tokyo’s police division 5. Tsukasa Taira, a new character, is introduced later in the story. Tsukasa Taira saved by vampire Yki Annzai.

Their mutual attraction grows stronger and Yki anzai cannot resist the temptation. He bites Tsukasa Taira as a result. It was becoming more difficult to resist his darkest desires. Tsukasa stood by him through all of his adversities. Yki and Tsukasa are also constantly surrounded by a demonic problem.


Bleach is a supernatural-themed series. A young boy named Ichigo Kurosaki has struggled with mysterious forces for years. The series becomes even more fascinating when Rukia gives her power to him. He was given half of her talents. Rukia is a reaper for souls. The scene changes dramatically when Ichigo Kurosaki, a soul reaper, is reborn.

Importantly, Ichigo protects himself and others from various spirits. Bad spirits, for example. Rukia helps him later, as she has given him all of her powers. Ichigo discovers that he has new friends. This may help him to reduce his burden. You should therefore watch the bleach series.

Inuyasha (Japanese: Inuyasha

People who have seen older episodes of Toonami. Inuyasha is a Japanese anime series. Inuyasha, an anime series, is based upon a manga series. Inuyasha is a high-school student. Inuyasha is also not interested in myths or legends. She is then discovered in Japan’s distant history, along with the half-demon warlord. Kagome is shocked to discover that he can manage Inuyasha despite the fact no one else can. They embark on a journey to rebuild their broken romantic feelings later on. To see the full story, watch Inuyasha.

Lord Overlord

The Overlord series is built on a virtual reality gaming experience. The game will then be shut down permanently. Momonga is the opposite. She is a sad gamer. Momonga isn’t ready to quit the game. Because he has been playing the game for more than a decade. Surprisingly the game continues to play even when the user turns off the computer.

He is now locked in his new form. Momonga became the last human in the game. This is how he gained so much power. This has continued, and Momonga sometimes uses his power in misunderstood ways.

The Fire Department

The flames are powerful. You can see changes in character here. For example, a man can transform into flames and then into infernals on a train.

There are also walking and living infernos. The elite team can control the flame with their minds. The team also includes pyrokinetics. There are many magical alterations and other activities. People are turning into devils as a result. Fire force 8, specifically, has been assigned to investigate why people are becoming infernals. Force 8 also deals with GAkuto Kajwara.

The end of the crusade, or the dawning of a new era

Romeo and Juliet are synonymous for our last crusade, or the side of a new world. Yeah! Yeah! There is a lot love in the series. Fantasy is also available. These fantasy and love series will feature sophisticated technology. In the meantime, innovative technology and nebulizer sovereignty magicians are used. Aliceliese and Iska, on the other side, were reunited during the war. It occurred to me that both of them want the conflict ended.

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Princess of the Dead

Are you familiar with Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Because buffy, the vampire slayer, and corpse princess share so many similarities. The film’s protagonist is Makina Yoshimura. In the film It, she plays the role of a princess. Who was she before?

She is also the girl who was raised after her death as an undead warrior. Makina Hoshimura hunts, kills and defends the dead and other creatures. She has become extremely powerful as a result. She had gone to great lengths to make a way to heaven for herself. My family was also vengeful. Makina is, however, not shy like a buffy vampire-slayer.

My Hero Academia, the ninth installment of the My Hero Academia series.

Two characters, Marvel and DC, are my heroes in academia. They hold a stranglehold over the comic book industry. A cinema theater is also available. You will see the anime and sci-fi eras in the series. You should therefore keep an eye out for my hero academia. This manga series inspired the series. A manga series is a high school series. What heroes were being trained for the future?

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This well-known series is available on Hulu. The story centers on a boy with extraordinary abilities. His name is Izuku Midoriya, and he’s a teenAger. Izuku was given the chance to be a hero when he met the greatest superhero in the world. Casting team also cast a diverse hero of power and wildness.