11 Facts About Horses That’ll Surprise You

There are over 200 different types of horses in the world.

Man has had a long relationship with these gentle giants, but what do we know about them. Are you a horse fact buff? If so, read on. We have pulled together eleven interesting horse facts that you may not know.

So check out our list and see if you were aware of all these fun facts about horses.

  1. Horses Can’t Burp

Horses don’t use their mouths as we do, and they don’t breathe through them. So once something enters their digestive tract, it is a one-way street to the other end. Sometimes this can develop problems for them, like Colic.

  1. Horses Legs Are Actually Fingers

A horse’s bone structure is actually quite similar to ours, except they walk on four legs. Anatomically, horses walk on their fingers and their hooves are giant fingernails.

  1. Horses Are Herbivores

Horses can only eat plant life, unlike humans who are omnivores and can eat both animals and plants.

  1. Horse Live In Herds

Horses are not solitary animals and love to live in herds. If you keep a horse on its own, you may find that it develops behavioral problems or becomes quite depressed.

  1. Horses Sleep Standing Up

Horses can fall asleep whilst on all fours without falling over. They don’t have to, though, and will sometimes lie down to nap. However, they tend to prefer sleeping, standing up.

  1. The Average Horse Weighs Around 1,000lbs

Horses are much bigger than you first expect. Owning a horse can be a real challenge. You need to learn how to train such a large creature safely at a proper school like liberty horse training.

  1. Man Domesticated The Horse Nearly 4,000 Years Ago

Aside from the dog and cat, horses have been our longest lifetime companions. Ancient cave paintings and figurines show that man and horse have had a long relationship together.

  1. White Horses Are Not White

Up close you will see that they are actually grey in color. They usually start out as a bay color which evolves over time. White horses are referred to as Greys.

  1. Horses Have The Biggest Eyes

They have the biggest eyes of any mammal found on land. They are also on the sides of their head, so that they can see approaching prey from all angles.

  1. The Oldest Living Horse Was 62

In the 19th century, a horse called Old Billy was recorded to have lived for 62 years in the UK.

  1. Wild Horses Can Only Be Found In Mongolia

The Przewalski’s horse is the only wild horse left in existence. Feral mustangs can be found in parts of the USA, but they are not technically wild horses.

Top Facts About Horses

Horses are incredible, gentle animals that we should love, care for, and protect. Learning to ride a horse is a fantastic skill that requires many hours of practice and the ability to train and build a bond with your horse.

We hope that you enjoyed these facts about horses and that you learned something new about our giant four-legged companions. If you enjoyed the article, why not read another on our blog?