Why Is Zurich One of The World’s Top Winter Destinations?

Culturally alive, and situated in a unique, attractive spot where the lake and river meet, Zurich is officially recognized as one of the most favorite destinations around the world. Switzerland’s metropolis has plenty to offer, throughout the year.

Nonetheless, during winter, mainly, Zurich converts into a majestic traveling destination, possibly one of the most beautiful winter wonderlands. It is as if you were walking through a postcard. Concurrently, in the proximity of the city, there is a lot to enjoy and explore as well. Keep on reading to find out what makes Zurich a favorite winter destination, and you’ll be convinced to come here in the foreseeable future, guaranteed.

  • Charming city, and plenty of skiing opportunities

Although the city is a marvel, by definition, and it’s a sheer joy to explore it, even when the weather outside is freezing, skiing is an activity that goes hand in hand with Zurich. Hence, if you’re planning a visit in Zurich during the winter, you needn’t travel that far away from the city in order to enjoy a skiing adventure.

Flumserberg is, presumably, the resort that is closest to the city and encompasses slopes suitable for skiing enthusiasts of all levels. If you aren’t experienced with skiing, but you wish to, rest assured, there is a skiing and snowboarding school here as well.

  • Magic ice-skating ring

Is there anything more magical than ice-skating in one of the most beautiful European cities? Right in the courtyard of the Swiss National Museum, there’s an open-air ice-skating ring. This isa favorite spot for all winter-sports enthusiasts. Also, in the proximity of the museum, there are plenty of stands, which sell festive, traditional treats you’ll love. This is the recipe for a perfect winter evening in Zurich.

  • Visit the Christmas market

Nothing says Christmas as the annual Christmas market in Zurich. Europeans are best at organizing charming Christmas markets that are equally festive and traditional. Nothing compares to enjoying a stroll between the crowds and enjoying some of the most delicious specialties of the Swiss.

Zurich has five distinct markets you can enjoy during the festive season. However, if you’re traveling to the city during this time of the year, do make sure you include listening to the Singing Christmas Tree on Werdmühleplatz. And, it is as it sounds, a singing Christmas tree. We won’t say more, but we hope that we have provoked your curiosity.

  • Indulge in chocolate

You probably already know that Lindt is a renowned chocolate brand, and it originates from Switzerland. Hence, since nothing beats chocolate on a cold winter day, indulging in a chocolate experience is a must.

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