Which is best job to do?


You know the type: toned, fit and annoyingly healthy. If you’d rather go for a run than slob out in front of the TV with a Mars Bar, and you live and breathe the world of sport then a career or job in the sporting industry could be just for you. And there are lots of jobs that you could do if becoming an Olympian just isn’t an option.


Maths. It is an evil word to most people but for many it’s what really gets their brain ticking. If you are naturally numerical or you enjoy handling large sets of data then a numerical job is likely to satisfy you. Best of all, with jobs covering the financial industry and beyond many of them are very – VERY – well paid. Cha ching!


Shy and retiring wall flowers need not apply. Are you always the life and soul of the party? Are you the one your mates always call when they need cheering up? Some people are just born to talk to others and get involved and there are lots of jobs that can make the most of your bubbly personality.


Ikea is enough to stump even the most enthusiastic DIY-er but, for some, they just GET it. Whether it’s changing a fuse on a lightbulb or building an entire drinks cabinet from scratch, practical people are needed in many companies just to get the job done. And if you enjoy working with your hands then there are lots of options open to you…


Whether you never wanted to leave university because you love study too much or you’re just naturally gifted academically, this is a personality trait that you shouldn’t ignore. There are some amazing careers open to academics – some of which you might never have even considered.


You’re the one who will always comfort others. You’re no pushover but you have a caring, sharing side that means you are a person that your friends and family naturally turn to when they’re having a tough time of it. Caring personalities have a very important role to play in the world – and there are some very rewarding jobs available to you…


You’re an ideas person and where other people struggle to think up new things, it comes easily to you. Whether you’re an artist, a writer or just inventive, creative people are needed in almost every business; after all, in such a competitive world the best ideas are the ones that succeed.