What To Do When AC Coolant Leaks

The AC unit is the saving grace for many homes during the warm summer months. It keeps the house comfortable even if the temperatures outside are steadily climbing, without it everyone will feel the full heat of summer, even when indoors. This means that everyone should pay attention to their AC’s cooling abilities, which means paying attention to the AC coolant.

The moment the AC loses its capability to cool down the house, there is usually an issue with the coolant. Of course, the best thing to do is to call the air conditioning repair Sterling VA based experts for their services, but there are other ways to deal with a coolant leak while you wait for the professionals to arrive. Here are some ideas:

1. Look For The Leak

It will be hard for the average person to find the source of the coolant leak, especially if you have no prior experience with AC refrigerants. The easiest way to spot the leak is to look into at the evaporator coils. If there are tiny bubbles forming on the coil, it is a positive sign that there is a leak.

2. Sealing The Leak

After identifying where the leak is coming from, you can try to seal the area. You can go to the nearest hardware store to buy a sealant and patch up the hole or holes. Do not leave the hole unattended and unsealed for too long because it will start to grow. Think of the coil like a kiddie pool, the more often it is used without being repaired, the bigger the hole becomes until it can no longer be patched with sealant. Get to sealing as soon as possible!

Once the source of the leak is patched up, do not cancel the air conditioning repair Sterling VA services that are scheduled. Sealing the hole is a temporary solution and it will eventually give up. It is best to let the pros fix the leak because the results will last longer than a DIY solution.

3. Assure That No Freon Enters The Home

The coolant used in AC units is commonly called Freon. When the leak is large enough, a foul smell can be detected coming from the AC. The moment you start to smell something emitting from the air conditioner, stop using it. Freon is very harmful to humans and the environment, it is a toxic and lethal substance when inhaled in large quantities.

An expert air conditioning technician will be able to address the leak in the most efficient way that will prevent any harm from coming to you, your family, and the environment. As soon as you smell something foul, do not delay the repairs as the substance can already be harming you and your family.

Schedule Regular Repairs And Maintenance

The best way to ensure that your AC is not leaking Freon into your home and the environment is to schedule regular maintenance checks and repairs. Staying on top of your household equipment repair needs will extend their lifespan, long after the warranty has ended. It is a small price to shell out knowing your AC is functioning properly, longer than expected.
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