The Principles of Naturopathy

Failure of the conventional methods of treatment in curing ailments led to the rediscovery of naturopathy in the 19th century. This came as a redeemer to all those who could not adhere with the traditional medicinal practices. This came as a savior from what was termed as ‘unscientific’ and ‘ungodly’.

The therapeutic goal of this form of treatment is to eliminate the symptoms. Naturopathy has gained so much popularity over the years, that it has now become the conventional way of healing all over the world. Unlike the modern medical practices which focuses on finding out the illness through its various symptoms and administering medicines based on it, this aims towards the overall well being of the human body.

This therapy believes that the body is capable of self healing and that the disordered life style of the individuals is the cause of all the ailments that one has to go through. Geoffrey Morell, a physician of Naturopathy from New Zealand, who currently resides in Washington DC, believes that the medicines of energy deserve much more serious attention by the conventional medical establishments.

The inability of the modern medicines has perhaps given a boost to the naturopathy way of treatment. According to this method of treatment, it is the nutrition that determines the health condition of a person. It is therefore that it has laid certain basic principles by which this treatment should be carried out. They are as follows:

  1. Fasting: though many may consider it to be surprising that a therapy recommends fasting, but the truth of the matter is that periodic cut down on the intake of food is actually good for the body. The partial check of food helps in gaining strength from the hormones, which is a natural anti-inflammatory response.
  2. Hydrotherapy: this is the use of water externally to treat illnesses and injuries, for instance, bathing the hands and feet in cool water to get a more relaxed sleep.
  3. Self massage: massaging the face daily as well as the abdomen is both pleasing and very effective.
  4. Gentle exercise: the under use or abuse of the body muscles could be a possible reason for the discomfort of an individual’s body and mind. It is hence that a little exercise every day helps to keep the muscles supple and free moving, that reduces the probabilities of illnesses.

Only when one considers one’s body to be the temple of God will they be able to take good care of it. Keeping away from illnesses is not a very big deal if you can lead a healthy and disciplined life. Being in the best of health is not just related to the physical well being, but as Geoffrey Morell the naturopathy physician believes, it is the amalgamation of the mind, body and a supernatural soul. He has also developed his own technique of treatment and written a book on the same entitled, “The Healer: The Clendinning Technique”.

Hence, it is no doctor or surgeon who can keep you fit and healthy, your health is in your own hands and you alone can take the best care of it.