Paper Shoot camera: review

The Paper Shoot digital camera is a point-and-shoot camera that can be carried around. It mimics the old photography style but does not have a screen. After watching many videos on TikTok about the Paper Shoot camera, we decided that we would spend some time with it for a few weeks to experience how it feels to be present in the moment and not constantly staring at our phones.

The Paper Shoot plays up the mystery of film photography that some people may not have used. It is easy to make, add flair, and snap away.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a fancy camera to enjoy point-and-shoot shooting. The Paper Shoot camera is worth a look.

The who, what, and how paper shoot camera?

Who is it for? The Paper Shoot is a great alternative to disposable or film cameras.

You need to know this: This is a portable lightweight camera that will require some setup. You will need two AAA batteries to operate the camera. The included Micro USB cable can be used for the rechargeable version. Paper Shoot is best used in natural light. It doesn’t have flash and can be finicky in darker conditions.

It compares to the Go and Now+ Polaroid cameras. The Paper Shoot is also different from adding lenses to your smartphone. These lenses change the perspective of the camera but do not alter the image style. The $120 price tag for the digital camera is much lower than a film camera. This is especially true when you consider the cost of developing photos and how costly that technology can be. You don’t have to wait for the photos to develop. However, digital cameras can be transferred to SD cards before you can download them on your computer or phone.

The setup and the look

The Paper Shoot requires some setup. This includes the camera board which is similar to the camera’s guts. The Paper Shoot comes with an exposed lens, circuitry, and all the technology needed to take a photo. The whole process took less than five minutes and there are plenty of detailed instructions. Simply insert the SD card and batteries into the board, and attach the case. You can display your personality by choosing from a variety of Paper Shoot designs. You will need to purchase additional cases if you don’t want your case included.

It measures approximately 4 inches in length, 2.7 inches in width and half an inch thick. It is smaller than your iPhone and about the same thickness as an iPhone without a case. Paper Shoot comes with everything you need. Simply power it on and get snapping!

The Paper Shoot is a smartphone camera with different shooting modes. However, you will only see the basics of color, black and/or white, sepia, and blue. The Paper Shoot is not like a traditional camera. However, you can adjust the aperture and shutter speeds without any hassle. You only need to press the shutter button on the left-hand side. The shutter button can be found in the right-hand corner of the Paper Shoot if you hold it with your right hand (sorry lefties). The camera is small but easy to hold and manage. It makes a classic shutter sound when it is pressed (which we liked), and there are two blue LEDs that light up near the viewfinder to indicate that you have taken a photo.

Get the shot

The Paper Shoot does not have a glass or plastic viewfinder. It’s simply an open space between the front-back of the case. This means that the only thing you should be paying attention to when taking photos with the Paper Shoot, is what’s inside the frame. Although we initially worried that this might make it more difficult to frame shots, our final images were exactly what we expected.

The Paper Shoot takes three seconds to capture a full-size photo. It makes a soft, whirring sound while it does this. You’ll have blurry photos if someone moves during this time so you might want to warn everyone to stay put before you start shooting. We had no problems with this with our pet. It’s amazing.

  • The Paper Shoot is ideal for photographing portraits. It keeps background details clear while focusing on the subject.
  • Paper Shoots are less effective at capturing shots of pets, people, or moving objects than digital cameras, which results in blurrier photos. You might want to save action photos, babies and animals for your phone.
  • We were able to distinguish details such as eyelashes, fur, and petals across all color modes of photos of animals, flowers, and people. The image quality was not affected by the different color modes.
  • The flashlight on a smartphone can be used to add light to dark areas, resulting in better photos. High-quality photos were possible when we used natural light and room lighting. Sometimes we were forced to use our smartphone for photos when the light wasn’t right. This is not a major issue, and the Paper Shoot has a unique aesthetic that’s different from any other preset filters. It was also a great conversation starter when shared with friends, especially after we explained to them that they would have to wait to see the final results.

  • Eco-Friendly Digital Camera
  • Point & Shoot
  • Lomography Style Photos
  • Lightweight & Portable

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