How to add a Google Form to a Facebook Page

A Google form is a tool available from a collection of Google Docs.   Google form is one of the most excellent web tools for anyone from teachers, students, and staff because it is remarkable to use it for managing and manipulating data.  In ordinary circumstances,    a web programmer has to write a significant amount of code to complete the process of creating a form that users can use to send to another file on a remote location. Google docs allow users to complete the process without the need to write any piece of code.

You can use Google form to plans events, collect information in a simple, streamlined way to give quizzes to students or send a survey.  The results best book review writing services instantly manifest to a spreadsheet from where a user can manipulate them with ease.

Google Docs also help to make a form to FB page using the productivity suite.

Adding a Google Form to a Facebook Page

Here are the steps of how to add a Google for to a Facebook page.

  • Navigate to to create an account or sign in to your account if you already got one.
  • Click “create” and select form from the options.
  • Add form elements using Google Docs for creation tool. Ensure that it has necessary elements such the title. It is optional to enter a description or subtitle on the form description field. The developments will save automatically. Google Docs will enable you to add a text box, Dropbox, matrix, single and multiple choice form elements.
  • Click more actions and select embed at the bottom of the form. An alternative action is to click the file and embed. It is an action to accomplish the same thing. Double click in the text field you find below to copy the HTML embed code to the clipboard. It will highlight it entirely by pressing “Ctrl-C” on a computer keyboard or “Command-C” when using Mac.
  • Sign in to your Facebook account as the administrator of the page
  • Enter static HTML iframe is search box and choose the Static iFrame Tab from the app options. You can also launch this app with the link in resources.  Select the page where you want to add your Google form if you are a manager of multiple pages. Confirm by clicking add page.
  • Go the left sidebar and click welcome
  • Paste the HTML embed code you got from Google by entering the content on the text box, click save and view tab.
  • Click wall and click edit page
  • Click on apps on the left sidebar
  • Click edit settings in static HTML, iFrame tabs section
  • You can preview changes by scrolling to the page top and click view tab. You can return to the editor by clicking the blue settings link
  • Click save settings at the bottom of your screen after completing changes. If you are yet to grant the app permission to make the changes on the Facebook page, you will get a prompt to remind you of the action. Grant permission to the app to make the necessary changes on your Facebook page.
  • Allow the editor time to reload and confirm the saved changes. The form will now be live on Facebook.

 A Google form on your Facebook page enables you to display external HTML content hosted outside your account directly. You can also invite members to contribute their responses without leaving their social network.