How do I boost my website with Google?

Increase your website’s user expertise. According to a research on ranking factors by SEMrush, the highest four ranking factors are website visits, time on website, pages per session, and bounce rate. All four of these are straight related to the exposure your website is giving your users. It’s much simple: If your website is simple and pleasant to use and gives important message, you’ll get higher visitors, who will stay hard on your site and visit higher pages, and that will increase your search rank.

Write great content optimized for SEO. Owning high-quality content on your website is one of the greatest ways to grow traffic and increase your search rank. In fact, in a new poll of selling experts, 57% said on-page content development was the most powerful SEO tactic. Make sure your content is mistake-free, keyword-rich, mobile-optimized, written to address the particular requirements of your target readers, and introduces important links to new internal and external content.

Receive more backlinks. Backlinks—links from another sites to yours—are one of the most massively weighted Google ranking parts. Incoming links to your website content from high-authority domains show your site’s authority, bring in netotraffic, and increase your search ranking.

Improve your page speed. Google started using mobile page activity as a ranking factor in July, and while it said the “speed update” will only change a small section of sites, it’s still a good idea to make certain your website is as secure as possible—both to increase your search rank and give a good user expertise.

Optimize your images. Optimizing your pictures is essential to increasing the rate of your site and getting it more accessible for Google to know the images on your web pages. Make sure all your website images are reduced, have clear filenames, and include alt text.

Use H1 and H2 header tags. Not only do headers get your content more interesting and more accessible to understand for humans and search engines alike, but there is also a clear relationship among Google search rank and the use of header tags in the body of your content. Header tags are also an excellent way to determine the composition of your content and highlight your key points.

Fix broken links. Owning quality links on your website is one of the greatest methods to increase traffic and verify the authority of your site, although links that make up a 404 error hurt both your user activity and your search rank. Use a tool like BrokenLinkCheck or Dead Link Checker to see any broken links.