Fitness modelling isn’t as easy as it may seem: Karan Oberoi

Life of a fitness model is not a cakewalk. They are expected to stay in shape all year round and their camera-ready body is a prerequisite to everything else. The constant pressure of having an abs and maintaining it is a challenge for them. Many people misinterpret fitness models to bodybuilders and this is the most common misconception a layman has about fitness modelling. We spoke to one of the leading fitness models in the country Karan Oberoi also known as KO, and asked him to share his diet plan along with his daily routine. For all those striving to become fitness models, here’s everything you need to know about it.

Dos and don’ts

1. I have never used steroids or growth hormone because they only have temporary benefits and the side effects are catastrophic.

2. Remaining fit all year round is a challenge and I maintain a disciplined lifestyle and refrain from smoking or drinking.

3. I follow a balanced diet and with a proper mix of protein and carbohydrate in everything. It is also necessary to balance the sodium intake.

4. I have a sweet tooth and at times it is very difficult to resist chocolates, so when I have craving for sugar, I eat protein bars and sugar free ice creams.

5. Keep changing workout because majority of guys keep same workout where body gets used to it and stops growing

6. I don’t work out for more than 45 minutes in the gym.

7. Taking proper rest is necessary.

8. For a fitness model it is important to look good also so green salad and citrus fruits should be included in your diet.

9. I detoxify my body with green tea.

10. Have 3 litres of water in every quarter of the day.

11. Detoxifying your body with green tea

12. Using black coffee before workout and using protein shake with less sodium content along with omega 3 and vitamin C supplement.

13. Running and sprints every alternate day.


Morning: Oats and one scoop protein powder with water or milk.

Brunch: 4 egg whites.

Lunch: Quinoa and chicken breast.

Evening: orange juice or fruit bowl and one scoop protein.

Night: Green leafy salad and fish.