Career Change After 50 – Temp Jobs May Be the Answer!

Career change after 50; temp jobs may be the answer to learn more about the proposed career, get valuable job related experience and perhaps get a job offer. If you are over 50 and thinking about changing careers one viable strategy is to start with a temp job in the desired career field.

There are a number of reasons why this approach may be a valuable addition to your career change planning. You get to quickly learn inside information about the career and the industry. You earn some money while completing other qualifications for the new career. And most important it allows you to test drive the career prior to making the final commitment.

So if you are planning a career change after 50 here are some ideas to get you started taking a giant step toward your proposed new career.

The first step is to source a temp firm that will allow you to break into your new career. A temp firm that specializes in applicable placements should be your first step. Further they will usually concentrate in one industry. A general temp agency will place workers in a variety of industries, while the specialist firm will only focus on one industry.

Each type of temp firm has its advantages but the specialist in either industry or type of position will usually get you started closer to your desired career.

As you go through the hiring process with a temp agency, remember the temp agency works for the employer. They need to keep their customer happy. They have their reputation to protect; they are looking for more clients through referrals and generating placement fees if you are hired by the client employer. To stay in business and to grow the temp agency’s goal is to consistently place the best candidates with the client employer.

In your research concerning the desired career analyze where your transferable skills will be needed and valuable in the temp job. This is what to emphasize with the temp firm and your placement officer. If some educational requirements are desired in the new career, get to work on self-study, mentoring from your network, and possible take applicable formal training through workshops and seminars.

Learn as much as possible about the potential temp job. Now work hard to position your skills and experience to make you the best candidate as possible.

When you get your temp job and placed with an employer remember why you are there. You are being placed in a particular position to do a specific job. Do this job every day to the best of your ability. Have a positive attitude; keep your eyes and ears open. You are not there to be promoted or to boast about past accomplishments but to learn.

To get the most of the experience you need to learn about the job and career. Study the industry and the inner workings of the employer. Ask what you need to do to become better in the job and career.
If there are specific events, like trade shows or seminars and workshops that will expand you career experience now is the time to learn about them.

Add your co-workers and your boss to you network for future potential help in finding the right job in your new career. They can answer questions, provide recommendations and introduce you to others in the industry. All will assist you in changing careers after 50.